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Death to Smoochy!

Picture Edward Norton as a granola-loving, soy hot dog with almond butter-eating children's television show host backed by the Irish mafia and you have Smoochy, a Barney-inspired purple rhino who sings positive-message songs like, "Step-dad's not mad, he's just adjusting," and got his start singing tunes at the local methodone clinic.

Picture also Robin Williams as a washed-up, rainbow-sequin jacket-wearing, crooked and driven to madness, children's show host, trying to defame Smoochy as a gay, Nazi-loving, loser.

Throw in Jon Stewart as a obsequious, money-grubbing network employee, Danny Devito as a mob- and children's hospital-associated agent, a show-host fetish bitch incarnate, a smack junkie assassin, and a brain-damaged boxer playing a cowbell, and you have a dark and hysterical comedy called, Death to Smoochy.

"I've never owned a gun. I don't believe in them. When I was a child and my brothers and I played cowboys and Indians, I always played the Chinese railroad worker."

Sheldon, a.k.a Smoochy (Edward Norton), in Death to Smoochy.

I laughed myself stupid.

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