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fuck...I just last my entire entry because I hit the escape button once too many times.

grrr, that makes me so angry.

A quick quote from the dream I had last night, written here so it doesn't slip from my mind:

Her: The barrier between my world and yours is thickening and I fear that when it weakens again, I will not be facing this way any more. What if I can never find my way here again?

Him: You are from a different world and must return there, but you are also a child of this world now, and will remain here with the heart of that child by my side.

Her: I want nothing more than to be here right now.

Him: Then right now is what I want most of all.

Yeah yeah, it's sappy out of context, but placed in an glacial world with Native American-like people brought there and stuck through extra-planal magic, it becomes the beautiful and melancholy ending to my unusual dream last night.

I will sit and try to remember the rest of the rich and vibrant scenes and emotions from my dream last night before continuing with my work for Edie.

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