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Sex and Calculus Teachers

This week has been the week of bizarre dreams. Last night I had an extremely blatantly sexual and explicit dream about my high school calculus teacher, who is wild-eyed and eccentric confirmed bachelor. We even almost got caught by my mother. This was more than a little disturbing to wake up to.

I've always had tiny crushes on my male teachers, which explains why I find wisdom and intelligence so sexy. I find most attractive the kind of men who have a lot they can teach me about this world, whether by making me reexamine my world-view or answering questions I've always had about how things work.

I am enjoying my time here with Matt, but I miss my own computer and don't like having to share this one that isn't tailored to my liking. The keyboard is too stiff, not enough and too slow memory, and I keep running into Matt's porn, which I really don't want to see. I don't have a problem with his having porn, but I didn't really want to know specifics.

However, I'm sticking around until my project for work is finished at least so I don't go home and get distracted by AC and friends when I should be working.

To Zordac: I miss you greatly. I'm accustomed to seeing you every day and I'm also really worried about your grandfather.

To EverRaven: I miss hearing your babble and our weekly game. However, I think you're still chilling in J-town with your bunny before the stress of the upcoming bar. I'll do what I can to help you study for it as it creeps closer, like have popsicles and ice cream in the fridge when you need a break.

None of these guys read this, but I miss them all anyway: Jenn, we haven't talked much lately since that nasty argument we had, but that's mainly due to distance and business; Bill and Rebel, even though I hate to admit it; Will and Paul.

Damnit, I need to call or email Wendy, and I keep forgetting still!

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