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Shuffleboard and Steak Salads

Went to Dave & Buster's tonight with Matt and his father, Kevin. Had a nice dinner (fajita steak salad with cilantro dressing, very yummy!) and then learned to play Shuffleboard.

I barely knew what shuffleboard was before Kevin taught me how to play. It was really rather fun, not the stereotypical image of a game meant for shriveled tiny old people in convalescent homes.

Of course, my learning how to play shuffleboard involved Kevin teaching me the basics of scoring to how "the real players" actually hold the little slidey discs (I can use the term "little slidey discs" since I am still an amateur :).

It also involved my accidentally putting my hands in the sandy wax stuff and getting scolded, too.

After D&B, I came home and finished the last part of my project for Edie. Unfortunately, I had to re-do a very large section of it and almost completely lost the file itself due to a Windows error. It almost majorly sucked. On the phone, Jimmy talked me through my near hysterics and we yacked until I'd actually finished the rest of the project entirely.

However, I'm finished with that project now and can enjoy the rest of my weekend with Matt. Played AC for a couple of hours this morning to make up for the entire week and a half I hadn't played. I didn't like I missed much from this patch at all :)

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