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Vanilla Coke and a Smile

The basics:

Just got back from a roadtrip to Memphis with Zordac and EverRaven to pick up EverRaven's mom's computer at Best Buy. Am very tired because Zordac and I stayed up all night finding last minute scrolls for my Asheron's Call characters.

Spent the past week talking to loan companies and the university registrar to re-defer my loans and worked a bit for Edie.

Had an interesting epiphany concerning a possible new business in the Oxford area that Zordac and I are seriously considering starting.

Spent a couple hours the other night on AC talking to a very cool guy who writes roleplaying manuals for Mongoose Press.

Worked on my philosophy class readings and re-examined my topic choice for my thesis.

Polishing off a vanilla coke and fighting the urge to nap.

And I need to call Wendy!!! I keep forgetting. Wendy, if you read this, I still love you and am sorry I haven't talked to you in ages.

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