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Hotpockets and Dreams - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
Hotpockets and Dreams
More work "last-minute" work has continued to come in from Edie, and with anything rushed, there is usually terrible miscommunication.

So, I spent all Thursday night and Friday day re-doing something I thought I'd finished because the file that she had sent me was incomplete. More over, I spent the entire time forcing myself not to scream at Word XP. Because I was pulling from multiple documents and fastening them all together into one, I ran into repeated problems with different formatting.

Thus, what I will be doing when I get back from Hattiesburg is removing all the formatting from the one long document and starting over. I wish that Edie had just let me put it all into Quark like she would have originally done. We both thought word for a last minute document would be easier, but it has grown into a project just as time consuming as if we'd had to completely re-do the formatting in Quark.

Everybody is over at my house gaming. I'm eating a hotpocket and a salad for dinner and trying to get my bearings. Next I'll pack for my trip home. I have to be at Carla's wedding in less than 12 hours. I'll probably leave for Hattiesburg in about four hours. That'll put me there just before lunch.

The wacky dreams have continued to plague me...well plague isn't the right word. Usually I wake up chuckling and surprised at my own brain's power to create such wacky settings and stories. Then I share the crazy dream with Zordac and we have a laugh together. If only I had the time/motivation to find and use that creativity in the waking hours.

mood: rushed rushed
music: random techno from the satellite

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