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We have a houseful tonight. Tammy Betts and her boyfriend, Jasper, are hitting the floor in Bill's spare room.

Zordac has been hopping all day, doing things for either one person or another. This afternoon, he went with me to run errands and go to the grocery. Tonight he has done little but eat dinner and work on EverRaven's computer, which has had a few major difficulties all night.

My plans continue to fall apart like overcooked butter beans. Each night's plans are a bust when either someone shows up, someone gets tired, computer problems eat away at my soul, or I just give up and actually do...*gasp* homework.

I've got another project from Edie and met the woman who will be taking her place next week. I can't even remember the replacement's name, however, I accidentally asked Edie, "Is this your runner-up?" instead of "Is this your replacement?" Major faux pas and death to employees who embarrass their new boss. She will never be as cool as Edie is, however. Edie was both shrewd, a hardworker, and understanding.

I found my journal from my trip to China from a year and a half ago. I plan on typing it up and putting it on my webpage perhaps in a new directory. In fact, I think I'll start on that right now.

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