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Felt a big tremor yesterday, apparently from the major earthquake that hit Hiroshima about 150 miles away. At first I thought I was just dizzy because I hadn't eaten in about 24 hours, but as the trembling continued, I figured out it was something more severe. The building was swaying, almost as if I had the power to make it wiggle back and forth on its foundation. I walked to the window to see the power lines gently (yeah really) rocking and the building swaying just a bit. Pretty nifty, well at least this far away from the quake's center.

Heard the first spring birds this morning; a delightful way to be awakened. A camellia (maybe?) bush is blooming in full color underneath my window, the breeze lifting light fragrances up to my room.

My daddy is now online and sending email. I am scared; it gives me a horrible twisted knot in my stomach just like the ones I used to get every Friday afternoon as five o'clock approached and time came to meet him at church to spend the weekend with him, which always began with a screaming fit between my parents as my sister and I switched our luggage to his car. I still get sick sometimes on Fridays, that carnivorous worry that tears my stomach, that fear so ingrained in me that it returns each week on its own time clock.

My webpage is almost done, I swear! That's all I did today besides cook fried rice, pork chops and stir-fried veggies. The hardest part is narrowing down the 107 pictures I took just during spring break alone to put the second image gallery. I realized that I had way too many pictures that probably what people would be interested in seeing. I am afraid that my selection will prove boring. Also, since I'm not around to explain the circumstances for each picture or why it's significant, I have to write up information to explain. It's fun but tedious and headache-conducive despite all the caffeine from cokes and Earl Grey.

And btw, all you people reading this, could you please let me know what kind of pictures you would like to see (please don't say naked ones, you already know the answer)? Just places that I go visit or candid daily stuff like of friends and how I spend my time day-to-day? I would like your insight, thanks. Oh, and for you history buffs (like me) I put in a lot of historically significant pictures from my Kyushu trip. I hope you like it. The page should be finalized in a couple days provided I don't decide to completely scratch the format and theme I've been trying to stick to.

Have a 9:00 AM class. nighty-night.

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