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Emails and Emotions

I've spent the past few days going through old emails saved on my olemiss account. I started so as to free up disk space, however the project has turned into a joint project for both my Japan-letters, my clippings of era-dialogue and to my China letters.

Thus my moods have become reminiscent, anxious, nostalgic, melancholy, and generally sentimental.

I miss Tim, Floyd, Monkey Dave, C-Dave, Dragan, Will, Kieth, and Kirk.

I miss the dark, tight hours anticipating sunrise, the frigid conversations outside the dorms, the hushed talks in Kincannon, Wrestling night, pool on the bottom floor, visiting on the coast, and I miss the person I used to be. I still am a bit of her.

I want to run outside, take a walk around the square, sit in the quiet of the Grove, run through the sprinklers at 3 AM in the Circle, and cuddle under my blue blanket on the sand of Budweiser Beach.

What brought a smile to myself was getting an email from Aki, whom I haven't talked to in over six months. I was just thinking about emailing her and I got one from her just tonight! She's home from U.S. and back in Japan for the summer, not knowing what to do with herself :)

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