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On Independence Day, I celebrated the liberty my country gives me by exercising my right to sleep all day long. It was beautiful. Thank you, Uncle Sam!

EverRaven stopped by a few hours after I woke. Her presence and laughter about all sorts of goofy shit helped bring me out of a rather dark and sour mood I had been in since I had had issues with Bill and a cancelled quest sometime that day.

On Independence Eve, I went to dinner and a movieTM with Jenn, Paul, and Zordac. Red Lobster and Men in Black II (or MIIB).

Zordac came home today with Five movies that I had written on a list of "I want to see really soon" movies. So since they have been rented, they need to be watched. Jenn and Paul will be showing up tomorrow and we'll make a weekend of it.

I'll report a list of movies and my thoughts once I've finished them all.

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