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Checking Off the Movies on My "Must-See" List

As promised, I'm posting the list of movies I saw this extended weekend plus a few of my thoughts. Most of these movies were older ones that I had been meaning to see for a while.

Taxi Driver: What a headtrip. Good movie. Made me a little squeamish everytime poor DeNiro's character bumbles through something very socially simple. I also understand the Regan assassination attempt - Jodie Foster relationship much better now.

Amadeus: A wholly unimpressive movie. Yeah yeah, I know it won several Oscars. But other than the interesting historical mystery that Salieri may have been rivals and killed Mozart (which I could have easily picked up in an encyclopedia), the movie didn't do anything more for me than take up my time and act as simple entertainment while I was washing dishes.

It probably didn't help that the DVD was really old, the two-sided kind, and that I unwittingly watched most of the second half of the movie before realizing that I had missed the beginning.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: an entertaining movie with a lot of laughs, interesting characters, and most importantly, the delectable John Cusack, who despite my anti-celebrity-crush mentality has managed to maintain my attention for both his charm and his on-screen grooviness.

American Pie 2: Hysterical. A typical late teenage movie. Same themes (the word sex covers just about all of it, that and not knowing how to handle the rest of your life), different actors, different fashion.

Being John Malcovich: A whacked but interesting movie. Like a filmed recitation of poetry of the absurd. I am neither a better or worse person after having seen the movie. I'm still just trying to clean my ears.

Platoon: The best movie of the bunch. A bit numbing and at times you want to look away at the disgusting nature of human warfare, but something ever person who thinks they're set in their opinion should see.

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