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a blissful day

I felt like a kid today. My 26-year-old roommate from Spain and I had so much fun being silly and childish all afternoon and into the night.

Woke up from a long afternoon nap. Camino and I went up to the roof of the dorm, watched the sun bounce off of all the different roofs below us. Shouted down at friends passing by then ducking away so they wouldn't see us. Giggled until tears were in our eyes. We then walked down to the market to get HUGE strawberries for cheap (about a cup and a half normally goes for about 500 to 800 yen). Stopped at a small vegetable stand to haggle with the owner over the price of more strawberries and pumpkins and melons, potatoes and mushrooms and fresh lemons for my tea. We watched the sun go down over the small little creek/river we have in the neighborhood. There are several tiny ducks that can be see bobbing in the water everytime we pass. Camino pretended to interpret duck-speak. Picked some white tiny strings of flowers off of an over-abundant bush cascading over someone person's fence. Brought the flowers back to put on my plate for the lovely dinner I made. Got a little tummy ache from all the strawberries and koala yummies (little cookie koalas in unbearably cute poses stuffed with chocolate). Played "football" across the kitchen table with the folded-up box of the deceased koala yummies- I won, so tomorrow Camino has to wash my dishes although I doubt I'll even let her.

Did some homework and finally found some people interested in a weekly whiskey and poker night. Now the money will start coming in!

Helped Camino with her homework and then watched Moonstruck for the first time. Now my head is swimming with quotes and ideas and lovely thoughts. I feel so much better.

I wanted to thank everybody for sending me icqs and little notes and offering their phone numbers if I ever need to talk. I realize how special and priceless it is to have friends like you. Thank you, I love you guys very much.

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