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Skunked - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
From an ICQ conversation with Abandyn:

::wrinkles her nose at you::

Did you know I was once sprayed by a skunk? It was on my sixteenth birthday on my grandparents' farm. It was trapped in a cage my Papaw had set and it sprayed my cousin, Matt, and me as we rounded the corner on a four-wheeler.

The rest of my birthday was spent naked in my aunt bathtub with my Gamaw, Aunt Alethea, and my step-mother each dumping bottles of vinegar, tomato paste, whole tomatoes put into a blender, and baking soda later to get the smell out of me and my hair.

The clothes I wore lay for months in a garbage bag with pieces of charcoal in it to try to absorb the smell. They were my favorite clothes that I had worn since it was my birthday.

Abandyn: What an image.... Did it work?

Me: Somewhat...however, after an hour of sitting mostly exposed to my elder female family in a bathtub reaking of household products, I felt rather ridiculous, despite the humor I tried to find in it all.

It took forever to get the tomato seeds out of my hair.

mood: exhausted exhausted
music: BNL - "Pinch Me"

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