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What's Good for the Goose - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
What's Good for the Goose
From Blunders in International Business 3rd edition by David A. Ricks:

As Guinness stout can attest, Hong Kong has been the site of more than one unexpected turn of events. The firm's thick brew, considered especially well suited for the virile men of the British Empire, had somehow achieved a reputation in Hong Kong as being an excellent drink for women during pregnancy of menstrual periods. Consequently, when the drink was promoted in Hong Kong as one for men, it elicited much laughter. Any man ordering it was likely to be asked if it was his "time of the month!"

This book has been mainly anecdotal in format, with only a few overarching concepts. However at least the pages and pages of examples are quite entertaining.
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