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Railroaded - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
I've put some eggs on to boil for a salad for breafast/lunch/afternoon meal to gobble while I watch an episode of StarTrek and start homework in the late afternoon.

Last night felt like a run-away train that has left me numb in some places and acutely sensitive in others. I had the brake in my hand the whole time and a million opportunities to stop the conversation, but there were so many reasons to let the train follow its natural, if derailed, course, to listen to breathy, beautiful words that were pouring into my ears. It was only a little teary, and I only hope that I haven't completely alienated someone who has managed to inch their way into my life and become an ever more beloved part of it.

I'm too hungry to write more.

mood: Starving
music: http://shasradio.com A soundtrack for life.

Lift Your Voice Aloft