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Pieces - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
Once there was a gingerbread girl. Over the years she had been kneaded, shaped, and fired by various chefs who liked her and wanted to know what she was made of. She liked to make people happy, especially the people for whom she cared.

However, sometimes the chefs would become greedy, wanting to spend more and more time in the kitchen with them. Soon she was spending every moment of her time in the kitchen when she shouldn't have been in the kitchen at all. She needed to be studying for her gingerbread school graduation. Of course, it was the gingerbread girl's fault for allowing herself to get behind in her gingerbread studies, and she tried as well as she could to balance her time.

However, the situation only worsened, and when the gingerbread girl left the kitchen to do important work, the chefs got their feelings hurt and thought she cared for them less. So they asked for more of her time, to show the chefs that the gingerbread girl still wanted to spend time with them as much as before. So for each chef she gave a piece of herself, a gingerbread arm, or sometimes a leg to tide them over. But they wanted more and more, and after years of giving away her pieces of her heart, there was no gingerbread left to give.

mood: empty
music: Tool - Schism

Lift Your Voice Aloft