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PlayBoy Shmae-boy

I got my first issue of PlayBoy today.

Before you ask, it's free. They sent me a year's subscription as a complimentary gift since I was on their catalog mailing list.

I was only on the mailing list because maxine worked some hours for me for the Space Law Center and she wanted to be paid for some of her hours by my buying a gift (director's chair) from the PB catalog for her boyfriend (I had a credit card, she didn't). The chair was out of stock so I've never bought anything from them at all. So when they offered me a free subscription, I figured what the hell.

I was flipping through it in the Micky D's drive through today while zordac and I were out running errands. September's Playmate of the Month is Shallan A. Meiers. In her data sheet, she says she has size D breasts. To anyone who knows anything about breasts, that is such a lie.

Mine are bigger than hers and I completely fill a C-cup. I mention my own breasts because they are a point of reference of which I am sure of the size. I buy my own bras for goodness's sake. (This is not a ridiculous, covert excuse to talk about my breasts, I swear. We talk about them every night when everraven and I are fighting over who gets shotgun.)

Admittedly she's a very lovely girl, but I just thought it funny. I wonder if all the playmates say that they have D's (some really have D's are larger, some don't) and the guys would never know the difference. Or perhaps the magazine designers just write in the information they know the readers would like to see. The male readers just see "D" and are mesmerized by that one letter, without ever knowing that they really aren't that size.

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