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I am alive.

I haven't posted in a while because my thoughts were preoccupied, dwelling on something that has continued to plague my and zordac's life for the past couple weeks.

Bill is moving out.

Bill and I talked yesterday morning for over an hour and a half and discussed very maturely some misconceptions that had poisoned his opinion of me as well as issues of jealousy and friendship that had so grossly affected his friendship with Jimmy and his desire to share space with me.

I am immensely pleased that I decided to go talk to him. I'm much more of a direct and blunt person anyway. I'd rather handle a problem directly with the person who is involved rather than to brood over it, leave it unsettled, and make it more destructive.

Even though he's still moving out (we all agree it's the best thing for all of us), Bill has already started acting more like his old self. Last night he came into the room and talk jovially of his day and the silly little prattle that he loves to share. It was heartening.

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