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Hiding Out

Empty, dangerously empty.

I'm nigh to picking up the veil of hermitage and breaking into a breathless run away from all humans.

So instead I will think of more good things:
  • O'Charley's Saturday night in Jackson with Glover, mandis13, everraven, Jenn, Paul, and zordac. I forgot how much Glover and mandis13 kickass, even when they're harrassing me with their chatter and I'm stuck in the backseat of the car.
  • Getting my hair trimmed and buying a new bottle of Vicky's Secret vanilla lotion.
  • Chatter with everraven and zordac over decent crab rangoons and fried rice.
  • Bill closing on a house, which makes him happy and makes me happy.
  • Finishing my FAFSA.
  • A solo cup full of icy Coca~Cola.
  • ShasRadio.
  • The smell of clean towels.

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