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Blogs, Narcissism, and Exhibitionism

An interesting article on blogs, privacy, and narcissism:

Also, the writing, work and life of tsenft has come to my attention (through the fit of "livejournalist" trading cards that have taken hold of some of the livejournal population).

The subject matter of tsenft's dissertation first caught my eye when I started using livejournal. The curiosities of semi-complete online exposure, dedicated voyeur-audiences, and the psychological study behind it was very new and very interesting to me. I had never seen such a high concentration of the phenomenon of cam-households (whether girls, guys, cats, or whole families).

If I have more time to write actually write about my thoughts rather than just pass around links to other people's thoughts, I will. Of course, I've also promised several back-dated entries that I either haven't had time to write or no desire to write after the moment had passed.

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