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Long Car Rides, Long Phone Calls, Long Homework, Long Division

Company with dinner (thanks for my chimichanga, Jenn :)

+ company and a Psionics handbook after dinner

+ chattering with everraven about Photoshop and Japan

+ several hours of homework after everyone has left and gone to bed

= a very very tired angel (even if she did sleep on and off all day).

Oh, my trip home was actually very nice. My mother was delightful. Horace made good company. zordac had fun and laughs. The chatter of my extended family was oddly comforting. My daddy was friendly and considerate and giving and excited about his new computerized golf toy he's started selling.

The ride home was lousy because I tripped myself into a self-conscious and vulnerable mood (it often comes after I've spent time with my father and his family because I feel like a stranger from my own estrangeness; it's all my fault, but it requires a lengthy separate post to explain) which was only made worse by the 1.5 hour conversation with my sister about her scholarship application and the disconcerting email I got from Metcalf.

I shook the mood for several hours afterward, thanks to a lengthy but invigorating conversation with a friend.

However, the brightness of my mood was pierced by another hitch in the near morning, a short explosion of emotion and argument that I just had to go to bed on.

In other words, I'm emotionally exhausted.

I'll be getting back to work now, thanks.

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