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Ding dong the....Bill is gone!

First and most importantly, I am back on the net. On Tuesday morning Bill had the cable internet connection switched to his new house (since the account was in his name) and we couldn't get a tech out here until this morning to reconnect us (this time in my name).

I have a lot of stuff to catch up on.

Secondly, Bill has now moved all of his things out of the house.

I get the small middle bedroom again (this time I don't have to share, (whoopie!) and Bill's old bedroom is now functioning as a roomy (although bare at the moment until I get all my stuff moved in from the storage unit) office with computers, a couch to come, and my art supplies!

I've already started some heavy cleaning, the walls, blinds, curtains, carpets, etc. and we may even paint the middle room, but it may have to wait until more fundage is coming in.

This weekend, of course, I'll be finishing cleaning and moving everything in. Yay, no more $50 a month on a storage unit and even better, one less place for my stuff to be spread out in.

Finally I don't feel like I'm divided between three cities and three homes and a storage unit.

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