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A horrible feeling.

There have been both good and bad things since my last entry. I hope to catch up on them later and perhaps make some posts. I also need to take the time to read my friends posts, too. More catching up to do than just with homework. All I ever do is play catch up. I'll be back in a couple of hours after I work on a group project, and maybe I'll either go out or have time for writing and getting my head straight. (I swear that I am very happy most of the time...I just always manage to write when I'm in a bad mood to make myself feel better or document my humanness with the intensity of my emotions. Another habit to break because I want to share my happiness, too).

But right now I've got this terrible feeling in my stomach. That horrible greenness that sneaks over your heart even though you try to shake it off and say it's stupid, silly, doesn't matter. At the same time, I wish him so much happiness, to finally find someone who will make him feel like the wonderful person he is.

and I've got my own problems.

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