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FarScape, Faxes, and "Don't Bloody-well Fuck Up My Show!"

Thank you, weetanya, for posting about FarScape.

I checked the Low Red Moon Journal and got the fax number for SciFi. I not only have sent them a fax about FarScape, but plan to pester them about StarGate, too.

Here's what I said about FarScape:

(UPDATE: The fax didn't go through. I'm going to try some of the other avenues provided on the Low Red Moon Journal.)

Please know that there are hundreds of thousands of loyal FarScape fans who will continue to watch the show as long as you produce it (i.e. we will sit through commericals when they air, we will buy DVD releases of the show, we will buy buy buy buy buy toys and posters and t-shirts, and bring you money.)

Please do not cancel the show. Yes, the writing and plot have been like a roller coaster this past season. However, we're still watching and still buying.

Thank you for even reading this,
Ginger Cox
Mississippi, USA

To send your own fax, the SciFi fax number is:

A free fax website is: (What a beautiful resource this is!).

In the Low Red Moon Journal, there are several other people to contact listed. I won't put them all here. At least go to the person's site (bring her some more hits, which she might like) and read them.

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