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Morla the Ancient One

I'm still alive...

I think.

Already the beginning of this week has been a blur of mismatched schedules and slightly flared tempers with friends for our weekly DnD game. I'm generally agitated about my reversed sleep schedule and the homework that manages to elude me still.

everraven came over briefly tonight and shared a few laughs and dinner before running to Walmart to get Monsters, Inc. on DVD.

I now have a new printer/copier/scanner. I finally got fed up with my old one that decided to print nothing but gibberish (pages and pages of one line of had to unplug it to get it to stop) every time you clicked print (rather than it working at least some of the time) since it ate a music CD that I left sitting in the paper loading tray (yeah, talk about a typical computer-idiot blunder) a couple of years ago.

Anyway, the new printer's name is Morla the Ancient One. She's thick-bodied, grey and greyish blue, with a low wide mouth with a grey tongue at the bottom and a flippy top, which makes it look almost like the long thin mouth of a frog. Even though Morla in The Neverending Story was a turtle, the name still fits.

Morla alligned the cartridges by printing out a page then viewing it with the scanner. She prints nicely, the copier will just be damned convenient, and the scanner will be wonderful if I start drawing again or want to transfer some older photos to digital format.

I am very proud.

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