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My DropAndGiveMe50 - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
My DropAndGiveMe50

    Word of the Day for Tuesday September 17, 2002

    paladin \PAL-uh-din\, noun:
    1. A knight-errant; a distinguished champion of a medieval
    king or prince; as, the paladins of Charlemagne.
    2. A champion of a cause.

    ... the celebrated but distrusted paladin of imperialism
    and the romantic conception of life, the swashbuckling
    militarist, the vehement orator and journalist, the most
    public of public personalities in a world dedicated to the
    cultivation of private virtues, the Chancellor of the
    Exchequer of the Conservative Government then in power, Mr.
    Winston Churchill.
    --Isaiah Berlin, "Mr. Churchill," [3]The Atlantic,
    September 1949

    Paladin derives from Late Latin palatinus, "an officer of the
    palace," from Latin palatium, "royal residence, palace," from
    Palatium, one of the seven hills of Rome, on which Augustus
    had his residence.

"Be All That You Can Be"
In '45, they were heroes.
In '75, murderers.
Now with sign-on cash bonuses
they're bought for the government's eraser
making personal debt disappear

"Accelerate Your Life"
They sell their lives for
travel: Guam, Hawaii, Germany
There's only one paladin
among fifty modern mercenaries
None even thought they might die.

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