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Last night with the Jackson crew celebrating everraven's and prodigalson's passing of the bar.

The highlight of the night was getting to see Possession with birdofparadox and aoniedesade (a newcomer to my livejournal friends, she's as groovy as birdofparadox said she was) and the following hour of girly chatter in the parking lot of TinselTown waiting for the rest of the gang to emerge from The Four Feathers.

During the car-ride home, zordac told me the whole story of The Four Feathers so I wouldn't have to spend time actually watching it. It seemed slightly interesting but wholly unimpressive.

I didn't fall asleep until about 9 AM this morning because I had the stupid I have a brand new pair of rollerskates song stuck in my head. The voice that sings it makes me feel like someone's stuffed my head with marbles and is now shaking me violently by the shoulders. What's worse is that's the only line of the song I know! I don't even have the mp3 in my collection...

I'm going to curl up with everraven's DVD copy of Monsters, Inc. and try to find some dinner.

Golly, this posted had a lot of italicized movies in it...

[Edit]: If I hadn't copied this post to a separate text file, I would have lost it...I positively hate that!

[Edit2]: It fucking did it again!!!

[Edit3]: The mystery, and the annoyance, is over. The song is by Melanie and is titled Brand New Key and is often referred to as The Bicycle Song.

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