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The Little Things Tell You So Much...Sometimes...

Other times they're boring as hell

1. I call myself: ginger. It rolls off the tongue so much better than Mary Virginia.
2. Others call me: ging or ginger
3. My mother called me: Kel-ginger because she'd get my and my sister's names mixed up.
4. I am this old: 23
5. My favorite thing to drink is: Coca~Cola.
6. My favorite food is: At the moment it's baklava. *looks at the piece in front of her* I have fairweather favorite foods, perhaps because I like most things and am willing to try something new.
7. I am this tall: 5'2 and a half...that half is very important to me.
8. When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is: Reach for my glasses, otherwise I'll hurt myself.
9. The last thing I do before I go to bed is: I usually fall asleep with my face in a book.

Shower Time!
1. I take baths or showers: long showers (20-30 minutes) and long baths bubble baths with books.
2. My favorite soap to use is: Oil of Olay body wash for sensitive skin.
3. I use this shampoo: Glimmer Lights Gold (It smells wonderful, perfumey rather than fruity or flowery and the shampoo itself turns everything red until I rinse it out. It looks like blood.) or Aussie
4. An interesting shower detail: I brush my teeth in the shower.
5. I use a comb or a brush: I brush it when it's wet and comb or just run my fingers through it when it's dry.
6. I blow dry my hair or let it air dry: *stark look of fear* No blow drier comes near my head unless there is a gallon of anti-frizz serum involved.
7. My toothpaste is: Crest Multicare. Why settle for a toothpaste that does only one thing?
8. My toothbrush color is: Clear with squishy, flexy, ergonomic stripes.
9. I like hot or cold showers: Hot enough to leave my skin red.
10. What I think about in the shower: Everything. A lot of my poetry is written in the shower.
11. My least favorite thing about the shower is: How long I take. I wish I was quicker in the shower.

Elementary School:
1. My mom drove me to school or I rode the bus: Bus. I used to miss it all the time and run through the neighbors' yards to catch in on the street behind me.
3. My favorite teacher was: Mrs. Bullock, 5th grade.
4. My least favorite teacher was: Mrs. Carter, 4th grade.
6. My favorite field trip was to: the Catherine the Great Exhibit in Memphis in the 6th grade.
7. What I remember most about primary school is: How unhappy I was. I matured so much earlier than everyone else (by three years) that I didn't fit in until I got to junior high.

High School:
1. My favorite subject in high school is/was: I like them all equally, really.
2. My favorite teacher in high school: Mr. Hughes, AP History/AP Government
5. My favorite activity in high school: Debate and art. I lived for extra curricular activities.
6: I was in the band and I played: I didn't play in the band, but I lots of friends in the band.
8. I was in this school play(s): Oh god, too many.
9. I was in this crowd at school: Geeky, nerdy, artsy.
10. I had detention this many times:
11. I drove to school: Yeah, had a little carpool going with Andrea and Chris.
12. I skipped class this many times: At least twelve days a year. I missed the max every year and one year I had to do Saturday school to make up for a few too many that year.
13. I was always late for class: Without a doubt.
16. I went to prom with: I went with two guy friends, Vuk and some guy whose name I can't remember, (my boyfriend had to work and I only was able to go because I had to miss a convention because of a scholarship interview).
17. I went to this many football games: Only homecoming and only twice I think.
18. My favorite trip was: I went everywhere with debate, every weekend.
19. I was in the principal's office this many times: Five times in elementary school, once in high school for absences.


1. My first cassette I bought was: I was given Michael Jackson's Beat It and I think one of the first ones I bought was Poison's Open Up and Say Ahhhh
2. My first CD I bought was: Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits I think.
3. I at one time owned records/or still do: Oh yeah, lots, but mainly children's stuff like Disco Duck (with Donald Duck) and the narrated ET soundtrack and my mother's old Righteous Brothers records.

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