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The Healing Power of Music

Other than adopting a faboo, charming kitten, the last two days have been rather depressing.

A rush and flurry of good school work left me on Tuesday left me sinking into a funk that lasted over 48 hours.

...until now.

I read a post by aoniedesade that gave me a groovy new girl-only recipe.

And at the bottom, I saw she was listening to Tori's "Cool On Your Island". I got a little nostalgic and ran the song through winamp.

Now I feel much better. Thanks :)

I'm off to get a shower before running over to everraven's house to snag a few things (my old beer/coke fridge, SOLAR swords, and random goodies) before she moves. I'll also be bringing ice cream and company to make her smile while she's packing away five years of living memories.

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