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I picked up Sebastian's new sister (they were assigned to the same cage at the Animal Shelter) on Friday afternoon.

I decided to name her Isabelle because she's a very demure little lady (until you catch her chasing her own tail out of the corner of your eye) and it matches the non-pet-like name I gave Sebastian. I'll call her Izzy for short.

Isabelle is mostly white with large black splotches all over her, almost as if someone dipped their thumb in India ink and blotted it on her. The two separate splotches on her head make a really cool shape, kinda like the top of a comic-book hero's mask, that turn into triangles between her ears. Perhaps I should have named her something comic-bookish instead of Isabelle, now that I think about it.

She's a lot smaller and younger than Sebastian, probably at least a week younger. She's not yet fully coordinated either, which makes me worry a little, but she's getting better. She's a little timid about making jumps and prefers to climb/claw her way up the couch and bed. Sometimes when she chases her tail on the chair, she loses her balance and falls off.

A little skittish at first, she has really warmed up in the last few days and now she's playing a lot more and has become very cuddly like her brother, who seems to have picked up a cold possibly. I need to call the vet as per birdofparadox's recommendation.

A few pictures of Isabelle

Isabelle looking down at her feet...She does this a lot.
Isabelle looking down

She's very demure.

Whoa, she actually opened her eyes.
eyes opened

The top of her "mask".

Isabelle and Sebastian together.
Izzy and Sebastian

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