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Birthday Wishes and Vulnerability

Happy Birthday to alcamar!

Yesterday was my father's birthday. I caught him in MSN messenger and then he called me on his cell. It's still rather odd to talk to him via an internet chat service (yesterday was my first time to reach out to him in that medium).

Apparently he reads my journal avidly. This is both sweet yet disturbing. I feel overwhelmingly vulnerable. I have to think on this more and how it will affect my posting habits.

I'm trying to sort my way through this work for haabda, making sure I've got all the documents I need and being sure exactly what I have to get done before I start. It all just reminds me how differently people organize things. The logical sense or understood schema that underlies all organizational frameworks varies so widely from person to person. I wonder if that's one of the reasons why miscommunication is so prevalent.

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