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On LiveJournal Usage

I write in livejournal considerably more than this time six months ago. I don't know if it's because I've started spending a great deal more time at the computer while not playing AC and actually working, or whether it's that I actually have more to talk about.

Either way, I think this increase in writing (whether it's here or elsewhere) is a good thing. It was one of my reasons for joining this place in the first place.

I know I've changed a lot of what I write in here as much as I've changed the frequency. I feel like I'm being monitored by my extended family and that the information I place here is used against me. I'm wary and nervous about posting anything concerning religion, politics, anything remotely sexual, and what I'm doing with school/work.

This limitation is crippling, suffocating.

I know I write about feeling watched more often than I'd like, however, it is a constant pressure I'd very much like to avoid.

I'm not a quiz fan. I don't normally take them unless one is especially well-written. They're fun, I admit, but I honestly don't need to a corny, predictable, quiz to tell me who I am, what I'm similar to, what my favorite sexual position is, what I had for dinner, what Emeril saying I'm most like, etc. I should know all of these things in advance, and if I don't know, a quiz isn't going to teach me.

That being said, I don't mind other people posting their quiz results. It's their journal for goodness sake. I just usually skip over the quiz results and read what my friends actually had to say.

My mother and step-father will be here very soon. I've still got some more vacuuming to do, a litter box to clean, a few loads of clothes to wash, trash to take out, and a shower to take. I should most likely eat a little something before we go to dinner since I haven't eaten in 24 hours almost.

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