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Jackson and J-Crew

The only kind of J-Crew I like is the Jackson crew, many of my friends who now live in Jackson. I miss them since they've moved away, either in the past few months or the past couple years. It only seeks to remind me of how I need work hard and get out of here, too.

I went down to visit some of them last night. zordac drove. everraven and mandis13 went along to a Japanese restaurant named Haru (which they recommended and with which I now agree). It was quaint, comfortable, and authentic enough that I had a few sweeps of nostaligia that left me smiling through the whole dinner.

Afterwards, everraven ran the only fun dungeon-crawl I've ever played. That would probably be because she rocks, and because mandis13 and shas provided their normal sort of bantering entertainment.

I was just happy to sit on the Chia-Couch, look at everraven's badass new photoshop skills, and enjoy the company I've missed.

I drove home, curled up with my kittens and The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and slept until now.

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