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Friends List Update

I've recently made two new additions to my livejournal friends list.

spiderknight is an old friend from Oxford whom I miss, especially in regards to bizarre late-night discussions. He ran off to intern with DC Comics (I think) a couple of years ago, about when I was running off to Japan. He has since graduated and become the StarMan of Red Baron Fame.

onetrueciscell actually falls into the category of "friends from Oxford" and bizarre late-night discussions, too, (this time at the radio station and on sunset) but he now shares them with his entire cult-following and friends.

Welcome to the both of you :) It's good to have you near again, even if it is only digitally.

A shameless plug for Jim's work: Go pick up American Slacker and read it. I'm still waiting on Amazon to ship my copy...they've delayed the shipment, again. I'm cool with this since I have lots of work I need to do and American Slacker would make for good Christmas-break reading.

I'm scampering off to eat lunch with Will, Julie, Amber, and zordac.

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