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Ho de hum

All day today I had so many thoughts I wanted to put down here and I forgot them all before I sat down to write them.

My sister a several of her friends are coming to visit me this week and to go to the Egg Bowl game on Thanksgiving Day. I have lots of work to do around the house before they get here.

My dreams have been excruciatingly vivid lately...undoubtedly this is related to my persistent worry and stress over things I could readily fix, even if not easily. Moreover, I tend to have more unsettling, disturbing dreams when I sleep later in the day. Perhaps it's my body's way of trying to wake me up and get me out of the bed where I'm not supposed to be that late in the day.

However, my kittens have grown to be increasingly wonderful. They're loving, playful, loyal, sweet, and charming. I love them very much and am so glad I got them.

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