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I just received a box of chocolates from Matt in the mail, only the box is made out of chocolate, too. It's very cool. I'm almost don't want to eat it. He says it's just to tide me over til I get my real present.

Khay sent me a Christmas cactus. I'm astounded at how beautiful it is. Plus! It's one I can take care of; I don't have to water it often. It's a new addition to my modest collection of Christmas decorations, only this one looks pretty all year.

Yesterday started out gloomy but was made wonderful by loving friends and family ™. zordac brought me breakfast from MickyD's. I got dozens of calls from Gamaw, Daddy, Mama, Kelli, Matt, Khay, etc. zordac, Jenn, alcamar, haabda, Will, Julie, Amber and I went to Red Lobster for dinner. Conversation was great, food was good, and laughter was lively. I wore my Santa hat and passed my wizard's cap around the table.

I'm worried about alcamar. His family seems to be dumping loads of shit on his head this holiday. I hope that he's able to brush it off and keep going, but that's hardly ever so with families...

I have to call my Daddy about a business idea he was having. I mentioned his plans to zordac a while back, but haven't pushed for more info. Dad hopes that zordac can help and be a part of it.

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