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Protector of the Penny Arcade - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
Protector of the Penny Arcade
I have a little coin that I can't get rid of, lose, drop down street drain, or sacrifice to the Bermuda Triangle that lives in my laundry dryer.

It's a bronze-tinted token from a NAMCO arcade.

It appeared one day in my wallet well over two years ago without any known provocation or unwitting trips to an arcade. I have sleptwalk (sleptwalked, sleepwalked?) since I was a child.

I don't play many video games or frequent arcades without an ulterior motive (usually waiting for a movie or restaurant tables to open). In fact I've only been to one or two arcades/sports bars in the past couple years, R.W. Goodtimes and Dave & Busters in Atlanta, neither of which are associated with the NAMCO label.

This means that I likely acquired the token over three to four years ago in a brief waste of time in the Hattiesburg Turtle Creek Mall arcade (which I've only peered inside thrice or fewer times).

Regardless of how it got here, the token is here to stay.

Yesterday while I was gift shopping in Germantown (in the wee hours before The Two Towers I stopped by a Salvation Army bell-ringer and dumped the entirety of my wallet's change compartment into the red bucket. I shook it several times to empty the final dregs before throwing the bell-ringer a quirky smile and moving on to the stores.

I briefly remarked to my friends that I hoped I wouldn't need to use a payphone later that evening. I usually just slip a few dollar bills to the bell-ringers.

Much later that night while dragging myself to the misty winter drafts of the Peabody parking garage, I dawdled at the Coca~Cola machine while others stopped to smoke. Reaching for the bills in my wallet, my fingers linger along the coin zipper, thinking I might have acquired enough coin through the evening to pay for a soda.

I found, instead, that one blasted NAMCO token. It had clung desperately the slippery leather of my wallet while the rest of its brethren was sent plummeting toward making someone else's Christmas better. It stayed with me instead. Perhaps the token has stayed long enough that it wants me to have a better Christmas.

I decided to keep it.

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