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Kitten Perms

Both Sebastian and Isabelle have had close encounters with a four-wick candle that sits on my bedside table. I left it lit while I was reading (It smells like German chocolate cake. In fact, it's shaped, colored, and meant to look like a German chocolate cake.).

From the corner of my eye, I noticed Isabelle scooting ever closer to the candle. I figured she'd have a natural instinct to stay away from something hot or burning.

I shifted my eyes back to my book only to have them pulled from it again as Isabelle jumped, knocking the lampshade above her.

I snatched her close to my chest, ready to put a fire out if her face had caught fire. Fortunately, she'd only lightly singed the fur on the top of her nose, leaving a thin top layer of lightly browned fur instead of white that wiped away within a few minutes. Izzy blinked a little and let me hold her while I brushed the ashes away and made sure she hadn't hurt her vision.

However, she'd managed to burn away half of her eyebrow whiskers. They had melted into long curly-cues, like someone had taken a scissor and curled them like Christmas ribbons or taken a time machine back from the 80's and given her a bad perm.

I knew Isabelle wouldn't go near a candle again for a long while, but I should have put it out. Sebastian made the same mistake. He merely lost his eyebrow whiskers.

I suppose both they and I learned a lesson. They now know what fire is and what it can do to them, and I know never to trust a kitten's instinct to keep it out of danger.

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