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a whirlwind - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
a whirlwind
After a rehearsal dinner, a half-missed wedding, a brief period with my family, a graduation, a lousy solar event (at least I made a lot of money and three build), and lots of frustration later, I've finally gotten in touch with my storage facility.

They moved all my shit for free!

Come to find out that Walmart was so ansty to start leveling the place that my storage company had to move all my belongings to another storage facility for me. It takes a lot off my shoulders and leaves me a little more breathing room to get my last minute school stuff finished and my things a little more organized for being spread among three different cities.

Just to explain, my internet connection has been pretty much non-existent for the past couple weeks. When I was in Hattiesburg, I had to call the phone company to get them to check the lines for my stepfather. Therefore, I am slow to read my friend's old livejournal entries. I wanted to say thanks for my friends for welcoming me home. I'll be stopping in the Jackson area perhaps for a short time this Friday or over the weekend to at least get hugs until I can spend a greater amount of time there. I can't wait to meet some new inductees to the Jackson crew and to welcome former Atlanteans (is this even a word?) to their new home. Olive Garden, dinner? yum...

Also wanted to say hello to my friend Vulpes, whom I met in Japan. He just started up his live journal when we got back stateside and I haven't even had a chance to read it. Can't wait to. Hope you're getting used to things at home again and wish you luck in that icky real world. English degree, huh? :)

Task list:

  • get a cross-over cable to switch my files from Matt's $5000 paper-weight laptop to my desktop beast
  • pack only a small amount of things from here in Atlanta to take to Shana's...don't want to have too much stuff with me to have to move back. I want to be as lightly packed as I was in Japan. If that was enough to last me for five months in a foreign country, it's good enough for one summer in Oxford, Mississippi.
  • get Matt to take me back to Hattiesburg to pack my car and head north.
  • stop in Jackson. Dispense hugs and share laughs.
  • unpack at Shana's. Help her arrange things.
  • catch up on old work from Japan. Thank you Dr. Holroyd. You're my hero.
  • meet with department head.
  • find a job that doesn't involve my standing for ten straight hours serving food to Ole Miss drunks and leaves me time to write my thesis.
  • write thesis.
  • pray I don't flunk my language exam.

See you guys soon.

mood: relieved relieved
music: Teddy Grahams Comerical - "play w/ 'em, eat 'em"

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gsan From: gsan Date: May 30th, 2001 12:07 pm (UTC) (link)
o Tackle Ginger first chance available.

don't worry, G, we love ya anyway ^_^ just glad you're where I can see ya again, well, um, sometime...


(1 day and counting!)
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