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Good and Bad Announcements

1) Happppppyyyyyyy birthday to zordac. Go give him virtual hugs. He's feeling old and a little depressed about his accomplishments thus far in life. I think he's a beautiful person and should celebrate life everyday, not just the day of his birth. We hit up OVPC with alcamar, Will, C.W., Julie and Amber.

2) kesterly's grandmother finally passed away this afternoon. kesterly was at least there when it happened and got to see her for a while before she died. Visitation is set for tomorrow and the funeral Friday. Hop over to her journal and give her a hug, too.

3) I have to find a new place to live. The owners of the trailer park I live in are trying to rezone us to a commercial area so they can sell it (the Super WalMart is about six months old and lives right across the street). So, zordac has to find some place to move the trailer (inside the city limits so we can actually continue to have an internet connection worth paying for), find some way to pay to have it moved (it costs a couple grand to move one of these things), or find someone else who can buy it from him, find an apartment or house big enough for us to move all of our many belongings and furniture into, and do it cheaply.


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