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Send Me an Angel

Whew, just got through reading the backed up friend's journals and wanted to let people know that I'm thinking about them.

Vulpes - so much has changed in your life; I don't expect to know or understand even some of it based on the little bit you have shared with us online. I do know this, however. I think that the younger a child must go through their family's divorce, the easier it is to deal with. When a person is older, they're more set in their ways, not as flexible, don't know how to react to their entire life-framework changing. It's normal to feel jealous of your father's new girlfriend. My mother just got remarried this December. Other than her dates and going out every night when I was growing up, I never had to share her. My sister and I had her all to ourselves. Horace and I aren't close yet, but what gets me through the awkward times is the fact that he's the best man in the world for my mother and I don't think she's been happier in her adult life. He's gotten a little better about sensing when my mother and I need to talk alone, when I need to open up to her, and he makes himself scarce. I hope that your father's girlfriend can learn to sense that now that you're back in the house. If nothing else, talk to your father and tell him exactly how you feel. That you're happy for him but that you want a little bit of time with just him and you. Not all the time, just some.

And about NERO Atlanta...I honestly think all LARP's are similar because even though they are fantasy games, they still mimic life. People still want to feel like badasses and will use whomever they can to maintain that rush or superiority. Just try not to make as much fun of it since it does mean a lot to her. But it's not fair of her to expect you to like it as much as she does.

Gsan - I have no idea what's been going on based on your cryptic but altogether disheartening and depressing livejournals. Just please know that your friends love you very much. That doesn't always help you make you love yourself more, though. I don't know any techniques or methods to help bring you out the darkness that has haunted your life for years. If I knew, I'd fix my own life and become better at fending off my own lapses of self-loathing and "how can my life keep fucking with me this way???" blues. Don't give up, please. You have so much more going for you now than just six months ago. A job that pays you more than you've ever been paid before, a sense of a future that can take you wherever you want to go, not just back to Micky Dee's and a DnD game.

Paradox - I don't know what the status is on the move and job, but a whole new world awaits you. The rumormill will forever churn with its strings of foul-smelling and ego-driven vomit, and pathetic people will forever haunt your life, but your life is so much more full than theirs. Your soul gives you strength, your gifts make you shine and give glory to your inner light, and your real friends will always be there for you. Take care and I might see you this weekend depending on where you will be.

Maxine - all's I got to say is that I can't wait to meet you.

must email Camino, Loruhama, and Aki. They've been in touch my internet hasn't allowed me to write back until now.

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