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There is no subject line to convey how hard I've been laughing...

I have a movie recommendation. I am keeping my descriptions to a bare minimum so as not to ruin any of the wonderful surprises the movie contains (even though I risk some of you choosing not to watch it because I gave no signficant reason to pay the rental fee; I watched it on Starz).

One Night at McCool's is perhaps one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long long long long long time.

Let's just say that for a person who once really disliked Liv Tyler, I have an even greater respect and like for her than I did before (which had already been positively affected by her interviews I saw in the special edition DVD release of Fellowship of the Ring).

I had also never seen Matt Dillon play a comedic role before, never seen that horrible of a hair cut on Michael Douglas, and will never see Paul Reiser the same way again.

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