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8 PM - just woke up. Using two of Everraven's vcr boxes to prop up my monitor and a crate for my keyboard. My mouse is sitting on a CD holder and at least the carpet I'm sitting on is soft and squishy. I've always been a floor-person anyway.

Been a while since I posted. I now have my computer up and running and my files all on one computer. I should be able to work on my webpage more and get those solar pictures that I promised sent out. I have about 10 pages of old friend's livejournal posts to read. As much as I like Max, she sure does fill up my live journal pages quickly :).

The Rickwood is here. Waiting on him to get out of the shower so we can head up to Memphis for a movie perhaps. Need to get out of the house. Too much movie watching can get monotonous, but that's the only thing to do in this stupid town. Watched "Cast Away" last night. Rickwood had seen it before I did and told me to look out for references to me throughout the movie. We watched it together and I almost cried that the image of angel wings had helped carry him through the insanity of living alone on the island. No, strike that. I DID cry, profusely. To think this came out and Rickwood watched it all while I was thousands of miles away from him, across the Pacific Ocean, lost to him in a way. I love you, my Matty.

Bird- I still have your travel mug. It's clean and waiting for me to bring it back to you. I kept forgetting to get Everraven to take it with her when she went down there for the Saturday game. Thanks for the matte (sp?). I've been raving about it to everyone for over a week now. Need to get some of my own ;)

Just give me time to catch up on lj posts and emails and web-design and pictures then things will be back to normal.

Job hunting and thesis writing are priorities now, unfortunately. Anyone know of any place hiring?

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