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Saw Tomb Raider last night in Southhaven. I have never seen so much… - Salvador Dali in a lawn chair.
I'm invisible without 3D glasses.
Saw Tomb Raider last night in Southhaven. I have never seen so much expensive shit ($150,000 cars, motorcycles, jeeps, automatic weapons, marble homes) destroyed without care. I could raid tombs and save the world if I had that much money, too. All in all, the chemically-imbalanced actress Angelina Jolie looked just like Lara Croft, well except the obvious stuffing of the bra. Too bad the rest of the film was lacking in character development. But it was nice to ogle all that costly merchandise before it was blown up, crashed, shattered into a million pieces, etc.

Matt just left. Now I have time to work on the things that I've been wanting to work on. Finally got the files I needed and alter those solar pictures and get them emailed. Am still trying to decide if I even want to play the game steadily enough to warrant it being called a hobby. I have to say I've enjoyed my free time, which is why I haven't picked up Asheron's Call again and why I'm hesitant to get involved in SOLAR again. Despite the fact that it's fucking expensive and many of the people who don't want to kill my character have stopped playing.

I've been having fun reading my friend Vulpes's livejournal, keeping up with the anti-NERO campaign that has taken shape in his life. Displaced, everything has changed, you were gone for longer than I was and it's still rather strange for me to come home to another world. Anyway, I wanted to plug your webpage if that's okay. I find it extremely funny.

Vulpes's anti-NERO page...for an oh-that's-so-true chuckle

And a welcome to darkangel. Glad to see you around. Will hopefully have time to read your stuff soon.

mood: busy busy
music: the new celtic trance CD I burned

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